Private Coaching for Firm Owners & Solopreneurs:

The Fast Track Program Will Assist You
in Getting Laser Focused, Eliminating
Stressful Rollercoaster Revenue, And
Boosting Production

Read on to get the full scoop…


  • Build a solid, reliable, systematized foundation for your firm
  • Create a sustainable compensation package that motivates your staff and minimizes your risk.
  • Eliminate overwhelm by tightening the screws on your search process and business systems.
  • Eliminate stressful "Roller coaster" revenue cycles by installing a repeatable placement process.
  • Move from contingency to retained search so that you get paid for every search.
  • Increase your average fee size by 30% so that you can earn more without any extra effort.
  • Install a lead-generation system for finding new candidates AND search assignments.


  • Implementing a predictable management system for your Recruiters & Researchers that gets results
  • How to thrive as a Firm Owner with Recruiters, or a Rainmaker with Researchers
  • How to boost your per-hour output by working smarter, not harder
  • Hiring & using researchers for a low cost, high return resource
  • How to failure-proof your (or your staff’s) behavior so that you accomplish more
  • How to get timely feedback from your clients and direct hiring authority contact
  • How to set up mental and environmental “flow triggers” to boost productivity
  • How to super-charge your self-confidence and gain the trust of your clients
  • Developing a 7-step marketing strategy that attracts premium clients
  • Getting out of a slump and re-discovering your passion for your business
  • Overcoming sales call reluctance and getting into action
  • How to install The 15 habits of highly effective recruiters
  • Mastering your work-flow management, planning & personal effectiveness
  • Clarifying your goals & developing a 90 day action plan for getting there
  • Refining or defining your niche for better results with less effort
  • Improving your scripts, forms and tracking systems
  • Improving work/life balance so that you have more time for what matters
  • Whatever is most important to you

"As a result of Gary’s training, my revenue has improved by 57%, my business has expanded and I’m growing my team to meet the demand. I can’t imagine my recruiting business without Gary’s insights and training. I now clearly understand the strategies for producing great results year after year."

Donna Fedor
Recruiting Firm Owner

"My billings jumped to $550K in the last 12 months! I participated in your programs and they were all pertinent. Your systems approach to doing the business is unique from everything I have seen."

Robert Ambs
Recruiting Firm Owner

"Gary helped me help myself by working with me to identify the weakness in my system and giving me the tools to correct and maintain a more efficient office environment. Our billing has been higher than ever since Gary introduced his “system” methods to me."

Tom Cleary
Recruiting Firm Owner

"The resources Gary shares alone are almost worth the investment, especially for a small operator. Despite the sluggish economy, a severe personal injury, and the death of a parent, I still produced the highest revenue of my 18 year career through the training and encouragement of Gary’s coaching program."

Elizabeth Creger
Recruiting Business Owner

"I found exactly what I was looking for when I started using Gary’s services. During the past 3 years, since I started my business, I had often wished that I had someone with whom I could ask questions or test ideas; someone whose experience would speed up my learning curve. Gary has been just that, and more. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or just starting out, you will take some kernel away from each conversation that will improve your business performance."

Alan Carty
Search Firm Owner

"It is extremely comforting knowing that I have someone as knowledgeable as you in my corner. Although I’ve put in a tremendous amount of work along the way, having you “on my team” enables me to not worry about the many issues that arise in this business."

Adam Slone
Recruiting Firm Owner

The Fast-track is one of my most popular programs for Owners and Solo Recruiters who want to boost revenue, get laser-focused, and eliminate stressful boom/ bust cycles.

Are you often inspired by what you learn from seminars, but too overworked and overwhelmed to actually implement the new ideas?

Yeah, me too. That’s why I’ve worked with business coaches and mastermind groups for the last 10 years. They hold my feet to the fire and ensure that I take action.

Here’s how Karl Pearson explained the power of collaboration:
“That which gets measured, improves. That which gets measured -and reported- improves exponentially”.

If you want to work smart, boost revenue, make a BIG impact, and feel excited about coming into the office everyday…this is the program for you.

  1. The Program Includes:
    A private 60-minute coaching call with me every month ($400 value), weekly email coaching, membership in The Roundtable, FREE admission to most live webinars, Forms & Scripts Library Access, Access to my Vendor Rolodex, the Weekly Accountability Report, the ability to have me “Referee” your goals throughout the month, and much, much more. Get the full scoop below…
  2. A monthly 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with me:
    You’ll receive personalized coaching, accountability and support on your specific issues. You’ll leave every session with action steps for that month that we’ll develop together. The next time we talk, I’ll ask you how you did with those actions. Monthly reporting = rapid growth.
  3. Once a Week Email Coaching:
    Have a burning question in between sessions? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with an answer. Sometimes it’s a blunt “get off your ass”, sometimes its encouragement, and other times it’s that one hidden tactic that makes all the difference. 
  4. Weekly Reporting to Stay on Track with Your Goals:
    In order to build some accountability into your plan, and to stay connected with me, I recommend that you fill out a simple online report each Friday.
    You’ll be sent a weekly reminder to keep you on track with reporting your accomplishments, roadblocks to overcome, and objectives for the coming week.
  5. Online Tool for Setting & Achieving Your Goals:
    I'll give you access to a simple online tool that's been developed by a Yale economics professor that’s been proven to triple your chances of achieving any goal. I’ll be able to watch your progress via this tool throughout the month and we'll check in on it during our live calls as well. Clear Goals + Coaching & Accountability = rapid progress. 
  6. FREE Admission to all LIVE Trainings (up to $300):
    Periodically I run live webinar trainings and you’ll receive free access to these up to $300, and 50% off those above $300. Additionally, you’ll receive word-for-word transcripts, and quick-start guides for each webinar (up to $150 value) to make it easy to take action on what you learn.
  7. Forms & Scripts Library Access:
    You’ll have access to the forms, scripts, checklists, contracts, and documents that I use in my business.
  8. Access to my Vendor Rolodex:
    I’ll provide valuable referrals for vendors such as contract researchers, virtual assistants, call tracking software, productivity tools etc.
  9. Membership in The Recruiters Roundtable Program:
    Each month you’ll receive a new 60-minute audio, video, and bonus report from me- all designed to help you boost your per-hour output and super-charge you productivity. You’ll also gain access to our private discussion forum where you can ask any question and get answers from your peers.
  10. Deep Discount on Additional Coaching:
    If you want to add more 1:1 coaching time for a particular month, you’ll receive a 31% discount off of my regular coaching rate (you pay $275/ hour rather than the non-member rate of $400/ hour). This could include an actual consult or having me review your business plans, website or annual goals. This makes the program flexible; only add hours if and when you need them.
  11. Online Tools for Achieving Your Goals:
    You’ll use a simple, free online tool developed by a Yale economics professor that’s been proven to triple your chances of achieving any goal. I’ll be able to watch your progress via this tool throughout the month as well. And, I’ll share my list of additional tools for boosting productivity.
  12. Instant Access to This Quick-Start Training:
    “How to Make THIS Year Your Best Year Yet” ($200.00 Value)
    I want to give you instant access to a bonus program that can make a big impact on your production for
    the next year.
    It’s a full course that I teach called, “How to Make THIS Year Your Best Year Yet” that I’m giving to you at no charge to ensure that you get off to a strong start.
    With everything you’re getting in this training program, you’ll be fully equipped, informed and empowered to create a crystal-clear vision, goals and road map to make this year the most fruitful, productive and exciting year of your business.
    When you sign up, you’ll gain instant access to the downloadable audio training where I walk you through the process, a word-for-word transcript, plus several easy to follow fill-in-the-blank goal setting forms.

You’ll be billed once a month and you can cancel at any time (just email us at or call us at 408-849–4756).

Coaching sessions are scheduled during the first week of each month.

Sign up now and let’s get to work…


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Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to my online calendar and can schedule your first appointment. Sessions move quickly and we cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. I hold nothing back and will do my best to help you solve problems and make strides.

I shoot straight when it comes to giving advice. I provide training, feedback, support, accountability, challenge and encouragement to assist you in accomplishing more. I can also act as a “sounding board” and neutral advisor for you. I provide the tools and support but the results are up to you.


  1. You’ll instantly be taken to my online calendar so you can schedule your first appointment.
  2. If you’re signing up for the Fast-Track, you’ll also gain instant access to the Roundtable members area + the coaching tools page.
  3. Feel free to send me an email outlining what you’d like to discuss.
  4. Call me at the time of your appointment (you’ll be provided with my direct number).

    I look forward to working with you 1:1.



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