Hey There,

Updated 11/13/17

I learned about the concept of a "Now" page from Derek Sivers and loved the idea. It's just an update for you on random things that I'm up to right now.

  • Working on my goal of 20 pullups in a row using the Armstong method (I did 17 this morning).
  • Absolutely loving the 5-minute journal and using it twice a day to practice appreciation and set small achievable daily goals. It's easy and effective. I prefer the app for daily use but you need the book for the logic behind the method. 
  • Riding my bike to work daily has been a great boost to energy level and mood. 
  • Been meditating twice a day for about 15 minutes for the last 6 weeks and journaling the results.  I've meditated on and off for a long time but never twice a day for any stretch of time. 

    So far it's helped reduce my normal neurotic tail chasing patterns in subtle but interesting ways. 
  • I'm continuing to track all daily habits and experiments using Coach.me - the best tool I've ever used for modifying habits. I just looked and I've checked off the goal of "20+ Minute Workout Daily" 1,049 times!  I don't know that I've ever tracked anything 1,049 times- that tells you a lot about how useful this app is. 
  • Just re-watched the original Blade Runner in prep for the new one this month. Smart sci fi is my favorite genre- can't wait for "Blade Runner 2049"! 

    If you have any Sci Fi/ Horror recommendations for me, post them in the comments below. 
  • Quote of the week, "It takes discipline to be a free spirit"- Gabrielle Roth
  • I moved my office to a co-working space back in April and love it. I have a private office and am surrounded by other entrepreneurs, start ups, freelancers. Much better for me than being isolated in an executive suite. You can see a pic of the space below...

That's it for now- I'll keep this list updated.

New Office + My Favorite Shirt